School Affiliation

WE ARE CURRENTLY NOT ACCEPTING MORE AFFILIATIONS. please stay tuned for openings in the near future.

At Marble Falls Academy, we take great pride in the academic standards and pedagogical values our affiliated schools instill in our students.

Schools who wish to become affiliated go through a process of inspection to make sure they coincide with MFA standards.

If you are considering affiliation of your school, please write to to request a form packet.

Within the packet you will be asked:

  1. Mission and Vision Statements
  2. Education Philosophy
  3. Grades offered
  4. Number of students in each grade
  5. Number of team members
  6. Pedagogical conceptualization map
  7. Subject areas
  8. Contents and standards
  9. Among others.

Please be advised that schools wishing to enroll must have a minimum of 150 students. A full curriculum with defined pedagogical and academic goals must be clearly followed and defined.