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Welcome to Marble Falls Academy


      We strive to help students find the academic curriculum that works best for their individual method of learning and potential, and providing professional transcripts for their students and accompany them through their academic education journey so that they can later pursue and continue with their formal education, inspiring ethical leaders of tomorrow.


     Marble Falls Academy presents students with the choice of different formal and complete academic curriculums, each unique in its educational method, in the endeavor of educating well rounded students in both academic and personal lives. We study each  academic curriculum we endorse to make sure it offers the standards and qualities needed for the leadership of tomorrow.

Who we are and What we do

    Our school offers the choice between personalized and complete curriculums, making sure they offer the best academic education, and administering professional transcripts. In this way, students can choose the educational method and curriculum that caters best to their own learning skills and interests, so that they can achieve their greatest potential. We do not accredit  students individually. We work with schools and curriculum providers directly, and one of the options we offer must be followed, and fulfilled satisfactorily,  in order to receive the official report card at the end of the school year. All of our certificates may be notarized. 


     We are a proud texan company, originating from beautiful Marble Falls Texas, and although we are web-based and therefore operate via our webpage and email and do not offer personal assistance, our registered address is

701 US Highway 281 suite E #1015

Marble Falls, Texas. 78654
United States of America

email: info@marblefallsacademy.com